Thursday, 27 November 2014

#6: Ian William Craig - A Turn of Breath

Ian William Craig is primarily a painter, so it's no mean feat that he's also created one of the albums of the year. It is identifiably the music of a visual artist, one who creates in broad strokes of colour and texture. Someone described the album as sounding 'like devotional music pulled out of the wreckage of a burnt church's cellar and played at slightly the wrong speed,' and there's a truth to that. A Turn of Breath is at once ecstatic and esoteric, turning ideas over as quickly as they fold, cutting and chopping soundscapes like a seasoned turntablist DJ. A lot of music is described as 'haunting', but 'Before Meaning Comes' truly sounds as if it was previously occupied by the spirit of a more hopeful tune, channeling a devotional tone as much as it desecrates something long since past.

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