Thursday, 27 November 2014

#11: Broken Twin - May

'I was looking for a title that was simple, and not giving too much away, reflecting the songs,' says Majke Voss Romme on her bio. 'Also it represents a time of year that seems to fit the songs. Spring is a time when everything is changing. It’s a hopeful season.' You would be forgiven for not instantly recognising these themes in May, which sounds as glacial and heartbroken as anything released this year. While 'Sun Has Gone' offers an obvious point of reference, it's the run stretching from 'Out of Air' (note Romme's trembling vibrato delivery of 'running down my spine') towards the album's close that really shines. Nils Gröndahl adds violin to the sparse piano and vocal arrangements, and finds his finest moment on the intense melancholy of 'In Dreams', though the contribution serves only to lengthen the shadows. If there are green shoots to be found here, it's in the dawn that is imagined at the other end of May's darkness.

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